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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Have you eaten in every restaurant in Amherst, Massachusetts?

A: No. I only provide personal reviews of the Amherst restaurants I have eaten in, and provide reviews from The Menu by Robin Goldstein and Clare Murumba for the restaurants that they have experienced. I have wherever possible adopted their review criteria.

Q: Do you have permission to use the reviews from The Menu?

A: Yes. Robin Goldstein has given me permission to use the reviews from his book, The Menu, for the restaurants in downtown Amherst, Massachusetts. As these were written a few years ago, not all current Amherst restaurants are reviewed. His requirements are that I publish the reviews in entirety, that I credit him where I use his reviews, and that I provide a link to Amazon.com for the purchase of his book.

Q: Do the restaurants in Amherst pay for your listings?

A: No. All restaurants in downtown Amherst are reviewed on AmherstRestaurant.com free of charge. We maintain full and independent editorial discretion for all our reviews. In some cases, we have built special web pages for certain Amherst restaurants for an additional fee, as indicated. We also offer our services as a web site designers and experts in search engine optimization to Amherst restaurants that wish to have their own unique web sites.

Seldom Asked Questions (SAQ)

Q: What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

A: The average cruising airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow is roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour.
Referance page: http://www.style.org/unladenswallow/

(You’ll need to find the answer for the African swallow yourself.)

Q: Who put the bop in the bop-she-bop?

A: Barry Mann.

Q: Who put the ram in the rama-lama-ding-dong?

A: Ibid.

Q: Did Nero actually fiddle while Rome burned?

A: No, primarily because the fiddle would not be invented for another thousand years. If anything, he would have played the Lyre.

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