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Amherst Coffee Well, Amherst Coffee might be a place I would go if I did indeed…or tea. Most people tell me I don’t need stimulants. I have stopped by and seen that they also offer pastries of various kinds, but I would just assume go to a bakery for baked goods. As a place to hang out I have business meetings there twice, but just ordered water for myself, common tap water. When I talk with someone who actually goes there I will add their review to this page.

Amherst Coffee




 Amherst Center

Food 49/60

 Atmosphere 21/30

Attitude 9/10

Value 81/100


Casual Restaurant
11:30am - 3pm
4:30pm 10:00 daily.

62 Main St.
(413) 253-2813

Bar: Full
Credit Cards: Visa, MC, AmEx
Reservations: Accepted

Vegetarian-friendly. Food after ll:00pm.


Amherst Coffee is not reviewed in The Menu.

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