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I have lived in Amherst, Massachusetts, for nearly 25 years. During my time here, I have eaten at many of the restaurants in downtown Amherst, and have an opinion about most. A few months ago, I was leaving my friend's computer store in Amherst Center, Left-Click.us, when a well-dressed couple came up to me and asked, "Where would you recommend eating in Amherst?" I invited them just inside the open door of Kelly's shop, went to the public computer terminal, and searched for reviews of Amherst restaurants. Typing in the search phrase, “Amherst Restaurant,” we were disappointed that there was no restaurant review site covering Amherst, MA. The Internet had failed me! Embarrassed for having taking their time, I muddled through a few recommendations, unsatisfactorily. They thanked me anyway, and went to find a restaurant. To remedy this problem, I chose to build AmherstRestaurant.com as a resource for all of those who would ask the question, “Where should we eat in Amherst?” Once I decided to build this site, I searched for restaurant reviews that had been done of Amherst, MA, and found The Menu by Robin Goldstein and Clare Murumba. I was pleased when Robin gave me permission to use his reviews on Amherst Restaurant.  I hope you enjoy the site. Bon appetite!.

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